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Hollywood GC has a Dyer model 6 from the 20's upstairs. Every time I see it it's in a different state of neglect. When I can get in tune it sounds really good but that store doesn't know how to deal with it. Hanging on the wall with it's strings popped off -what a shame. They want 12k for it by the way. I have some exposure to harps as my wife has one so I can see the potential coupled with a guitar. Once you get yourself sorted out on one they have a lot of range to play with. When I can source some wood large enough to make one I'll build one when I get the chance. Here's an interesting page on building one:

The Dyer over at HWD GC is a Larson built, and I've been wanting to play a Larson for a long while and finally got a chance! It has a very "sweet" tone throughout it's range that I haven't heard anywhere else. Once you do hear it you're not too likely to forget it.

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