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Originally Posted by Guitaurman View Post
I imagine I will eventually find the need for the switch 6. Right now I'm still exploring the device and don't use the looper. I gig with the thing, a solo act, and I'm happy with one guitar sound and one reverb throughout a song. I've tweeked a couple of the presets to give me the sounds I like. Most of the presets are pretty heavy on the reverb. I love the Body Rez. the chorus, and the vocal processes in many of the presets. I don't see a need for swithching mid song now but that may well change.
Thanks Jake for your advice on the Switch 6. I think that, EVENTUALLY, I'm going to use it in a very similar way to what you've described.

At the same time, I think I'm more like Guitarman in that I really need to get used to the device as it comes out of the box first, before I worry too much about that. The thing seems packed with features and possibilities and from what I've heard there's a bit of a learning curve, so it will be one step at a time for me, first the unit as it comes, and then expand to the switch 6 once I feel comfortable with it.

I've just seen a secondhand Play Acoustic at a decent price from a private seller down on the Gold Coast, it's a bit over hour from here so I can't make it until the weekend, fingers crossed it's still available and I can finally get one of my own.
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