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Folks will now throw all manner of this and that at you relative to the causes of this. You'll have to sort through all of that.

But, this issue has been discussed at length over on the Delcamp forum, and I think there have been posts about it on the Acoustic Guitar Magazine forum, Classical area. It's not about action height or nut slots or the usual suspects. I often experience this on the 4th (D) string, most notably on frets 2/3/4. Sometimes on the A string on those frets. The other strings never seem to do this.

I've only seen one classical that doesn't do it - it was a Kohno Pro. My Aparicio AA100 barely shows it. I've owned and played lots of other classicals that showed it pretty clearly.

The brand and tension of your strings can affect this, and often it's recommended that you put a bunch of twists into the D or A string. Sometimes it gets better after a string is stretched for a while, and sometimes it gets worse. Tension can make a difference too. Fretting right up against the fret really helps a lot.
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