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Default Software for Playing Backing Tracks Live


I know this isnt the right forum to post but I think there used to be a "Performing Live" sub-group here once upon a time?? in parlicular for solos and duos?

I have a quick question for anyone who performs live with backing tracks.

I currently use SongBook app. I know OnSong exists too and i think is similar.

I am looking for an app that can play backing tracks IMMEDIATELY, one after another... not with a short lag...

so if i have a track playing and people are on the dancefloor and i want to go straight into another tune with NO LAG! Is there anyone using any packahge or device that can let them do this?

Even better would be where I can press play on the next tune while the current one plays and it waits until the current one plays thru and then seamlessly starts the next one.

i have all my audio files cut so there is no silence at all at the beginning of each file, but i still get that short lag when i press play on the next tune. REALLy annoying!!!

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