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Originally Posted by Riverwolf View Post
Sorry guys. I meant my left foot now taps in time to my rhythm.
I don't have perfect timing.
Contrary, I play most everything slowed down as I like that style.
My left foot and right hand are playing together with whatever beat I play.
Maybe I just don't slow down or speed up a lot like I used too?
A metronome is a great way to work out if you still speed up or slow down. I speed up quite regularly esp when playing with others.

It took a few tries to get used to playing with the metronome. The first few times I hated it, it took all the fun out of playing. So every six months or so I came back to it. Now it doesn't take any fun out of the playing. It does amuse me at times to see how when I think I'm on time, and I'm stomping my foot along quite nicely, that the metronome tells me how close or far I am from being on time.

I bought a DRS-01 Boss unit which is a fair bit more fun to play along to than the plain vanilla metronome I have on my phone.
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