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Originally Posted by Nemoman View Post
Looks like an amazing set of woods, Mark!

Looking forward to seeing you perform your magic--will be following along!
Thanks Nemoman, These are great woods to start out with. I'll try not to disappoint.

Originally Posted by thegreatgumbino View Post
Amazing. I lust after a guitar with this wood. What a treat that you are fortunate enough to get to build several of them!
Thanks, It is a treat! I have another Tree guitar schedule late next year and a probably, maybe one in the works.

Originally Posted by fitness1 View Post
That's some of the most 3-D Tree I've seen - WOW!!
Thanks fitness1, I can't wait to see it when the finish is on!

Originally Posted by Naboz View Post
I'd have trouble spending so much time looking at that gem and not playing the thing!
Mr. Hatcher, you continue to exhibit mastery of your craft!
Thank you Naboz, I have a bench at the back of my studio that I call the dart board. I stage the woods and various parts there on upcoming builds so they are in view. I can drop off candidate parts there and see how they get along as ideas come together for the future build. I don't put The Tree sets up back there because they are just too much of a distraction. They stay in the wood rack.

Originally Posted by Jamiejoon View Post
That is an incredible set of The Tree. Maybe my favorite. Mark, you have such a great wood collection!
Thanks Jamiejoon, That set is a wonderful example of tortoise shell quilting from The Tree. I believe that figure is truly unique to The Tree.

Thanks for commenting!
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