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Default Sam Guidry guitars SBAIC PRESENTATION: "The Beam"

For my offering I will be displaying at the Santa Barbara guitar show I have chosen a set of Brazilian rosewood that I had resawn from a board that was salvaged from a basement of a house. The oustside of the board was pitch black with no grain features discernible. When I cut into it, the air was filled with the familiar smell of roses and tobacco mixed with an even stronger smell of a musty basement that reminded me of my grandparents' farmhouse cellar. This was easily the most pungent rosewood I've ever encountered. I was able to get five slices from this board roughly 5 inches wide by 36 inches long. The coloration ranged from a dark chocolate on one side to brick red on the opposite end. The pieces would have been too narrow for a back but fortunately I was able to graft "wings" from the upper portion of the slice to the lower section and make it wide enough to squeeze a back out of the slices. Thankfully the color match is so perfect and the grain so straight, the seams are virtually invisible. Some may not like the match of the back to the sides but I am really loving the natural color variation on a true flitch match set of back and sides.
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