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Originally Posted by Ineedanswers View Post
Acoustic questions here. I have an AER compact 60/4 TE edition. Just purcahsed the Line 6 hxfx. Trying to figure out the best setup to run the effects. Obviously, no distortions or overdrives will be used. Any advice would be fantastic. i see 3 options, listed below.

1) from guitar, to front amp, then out the helix in my ampís effects loop.

2) guitar into helix input, helix output into amp main input.

or 3) guitar into helix input, helix output to amp, then amp effects loop send to helix, and helix send2 back into amp return.

Hereís my dilemma with the each.

1) i feel like it is strange to put compression and acoustic impulse responses in the effects loop, however, this would make sense putting delay and reverb here.

2) this is the opposite as i feel good blending my guitar time and IR and compressor front of amp, but then my delay and reverb is here as well.

3) i can split the IR and compressor to the front and then the reverb and delays to be through the effects loop, but thatís 4 cables, which will inevitably lead to tone loss, ground noise, etc.

leaning towards 2 as since iím not doing any distortions and my amp is so clean, that the normal concerns of muddy sounds from delays and reverb being in the front may not really be a factor in my case.... but i donít know. What are your thoughts ?
I think effects loops are most useful for an overdriven guitar - it keeps the modulation effects from clashing with the drives. On an acoustic, running a simple guitar - effects - amp makes the most sense to me. Plus that Line 6 has some amazing EQ and signal splitting features that you might want. (IR on one path, raw guitar on another, each with their own eq etc.)
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