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Default Halcyon/Tinker thread

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Continuation thread here:

Hey everyone. I settled on a Halcyon OM after a pretty healthy search. It occurred to me that there is no consolidated Halcyon thread. I know I had to do a bit of searching to get a consensus. Any Halcyon owners want to share their builds, pictures, stories of search, stories of ownership, in the hopes that it gets Ed's name more out there? He seems like a good dude that makes great products, and ridiculous prices. The kind of guy you hope does well. And....go!

Update: Here are some helpful links for anyone saying Halcy-what?

Podcast with Ed:

Home page:

Halcyon Facebook( the most up to date site for watching creations come to life):

Halcyon Twitter:

Other random links:

There are a handful of build threads on AGF, and several posts from Bluedog Guitars showing the completed builds. I tried linking them, but it wouldn't work. They are there, and very much worth investigating. I would go to the search function on the forum and simply search for Halcyon.

I hope some folks find this helpful


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