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Originally Posted by Guitars44me View Post
Wow all four of those Hatchers are BEAUTIFUL!

The maple is outstanding!!! Yow!

The turkey is pretty cool, too, haha. We get turkeys at our bird feeders here in the Mts east of San Diego, once in a while... they are fun!

Sorry to hear Memphis is off. I am sure many folks will be disappointed!

May your herds increase!!!


Originally Posted by psychojohn View Post
beautiful work !!!
Originally Posted by JoeCharter View Post
What a stunning group of guitars!

Congrats, Mark!
Originally Posted by Mr. Paul View Post
**** me, X 4. Incredible looking guitars, nice photos too.
Thanks for your comments everyone. The EIR Greta model is sold. I have a cedar/Black Walnut Greta on the bench to round out my samples. There is also the Baritone that's out for finish to add to the line up. I have interest ut, no deposits on that one at this point.

Without the Memphis show on the horizon I have a lot of finished guitars!
So Memphis is going to come early and I'll post these up in the next couple days. First I'll show them on the this AGF custom section on the December Guitar in Stock thread. Later, I'll post them in the Market Place. I'll also start looking to spread them out to a couple stores.

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