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Well, there are many, more serious recording folks here that I'm sure will weigh in, but the choice of mics and their placement is probably 80% or more dependent on the player, the instrument, the mics, and maybe the space, though not so much in a closer mic'd setup. There are no rules.

Me, if I don't have 2 SDCs or a single mic, I've used the LDC as the one off the neck join and an SDC at the body because I use it more as a LF control than something to capture the instrument sound. But, TBH, a couple good mics placed well are not going to sound that different, though, back to ❡1, "it all depends."

Compression, well, I use it all the time because the performer (cough) usually does not have perfect dynamic control, or even if they do, the guitar is sitting in a mix, perhaps just a vocal. It's a rare performer that can balance their guitar playing and vocal performance to the point an audio *recording* doesn't show some improvement with a little compression, especially if you are trying to target a specific kind of loudness and dynamics. Just my experience, though.

When I use 2 mics, I will have those bussed to an aux where the compression is applied. Threshold is the control that is most useful, and in the case of a mix, probably some side-chaining. Again, my own fumblings...
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