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Originally Posted by blue View Post
The banjo tuners make that narrow headstock look amazing!
Yes, the curved-mother-of-toilet headstock is an acquired taste, and I found it ugly with protruding tuners buttons (I'm not a fan of paddles headstocks anyway, but this particular one was appalling). Banjo tuners give a slick look that I like. I did the same for the Boxcar model (spider cone)

Originally Posted by blue View Post
You had described the magnetic hand-strap system before but I couldn't picture it in my mind, so I appreciate seeing it. Is the foam a new trick?
The foam has been part of the design from the beginning. It makes a nice mute system, you can totally control the intensity of the mute, and better yet, you can have more or less on the bass or high side. Highly convenient. A little more difficult on spider poinsettia cover plates, where you have to cut the handrest and make a removable one. This is what I did for the Boxcar.

Originally Posted by blue View Post
Your playing is as always spot on, and you have definitely elevated that guitar.
Thanks, blue.
Jean-Paul Bataille
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