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Default Gretsch Alligator resonator

I use a few resonator guitars in my music, as some may already know.
Since a few years, I practice GAS on non-expensive guitars.
And I modify significantly the guitars I own.

Knowing that, may I present to you the "hacked Gretsch Alligator" ?

The Alligator is biscuit cone reso, around 450 $, part of a series of wood or metal bodies, and spider or biscuit cones, based on a Gretsch 30's body style.
Excellent quality for the price.

Sound is what it is, not exactly subtle, but highly precise and crunchy.

With those mods I obtain what I want :
- visually, a great look (to my taste, YMMV)
- and sonically, the three distinct parts I look for, bass, rhythm, and lead, like if there were three different instruments.

It's presently my busking weapon of choice, in places where you need to cut thru the noise. No sustain to speak of, but you'll be heard.
And with the movable mute, even less sustain, but precision in spade. Very nice with bossa-nova style BTW...

Jean-Paul Bataille

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