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After about a month of living with this guitar, I can honestly say that I've never laid hands on a finer instrument. It is the trebles that get me the most. Shimmering, three dimensional, overtone rich but not so much the fundamental tone gets lost. The 12 fret design on a guitar this size makes them so sweet they are fattening. Going back and forth between the OOO and the OM, I have to say the little one is louder. The body is thicker so maybe that's why. It has a richer, more orchestral strum than the OM that vibrates the whole body. The trebles are neat and clean but don't reach the level of those on the OM. I can't imagine two finer stablemates. I'm currently using the OOO for DADGAD and the OM for standard tuning. Toyed with the idea of selling the OOO but after hearing it in the lower resonant tuning, I couldn't let it go.

Hats off to Marc for producing another marvelous work of art.

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