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Wife and baby have been sick the last couple of days. Today I had a few moments to get out and get the brace stock cut. The tools for this are pretty straightforward, the saw is technically a crosscut saw but for softwood it bites very well and is easy to keep on track for the length of the cut due to the stiff back. Also got the top cut to thickness today.

Brace widths for this build is about 1/4" thick or 6.5mm for those who are of the metric persuasion. The support brace under the fingerboard extension will be a bit thicker closer to 7.25mm.
I'm also really happy that I was able to get all of the braces I needed from the one billet I showed earlier and I still have enough left over of it for a few more braces. I try not to waste anything since you just never know when you'll need it later on or when it might work out perfect for another guitar.

And I couldn't resist taking a picture of my favorite little guitar making/repair tool. My wife gifted me this Lie Nielsen 102 block plane maybe 3 years ago. I've loved it greatly and used it nearly every day at my repair shop. When she sees me using it she always smiles, makes my day every single time she does.

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