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Originally Posted by SunnyDee View Post
Can you elaborate why you would describe this as 3 beats rather than 4? Compound triple rather than compound quadruple, I guess?
I can hear that his down strokes last longer than his up strokes. Not everyone's version of this will have the down stroke exactly twice as long as the upstroke but for notation purposes this is a good, practical, way to represent that particular rhythm.

To be pedantic, it is a guitar forum after all, I don't think of these as beats in themselves, but rather as divisions of one beat.

I see this as three beats in a bar and each beat is divided into three. Standard swing time is four beats in the bar with each beat divided into three. As tempos increase the distinction between different types of beat division can get harder to spot and to play. In a slower song the division of the beat into three would be clearer.
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