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I paid another visit to Nick this weekend. He had completed a delightful 0 sized parlour in sitka/wenge that sounded superb, everything you would want in a guitar. I'm very taken with wenge, definitely had the Brazilian glassy character, but lots of luscious warmth also. Got to play the Southfields (OM) in cherry/Engelmann again, it was as lovely as I remembered. Excellent clarity, separation, balance and loads of volume, wrapped in a unique personality. Both guitars are in the same tonal ballpark, so he's developing a signature tone that is very user-friendly! I'm very much in love with the Southfields.
Thought I'd share some videos and pics. The large workshop is his wife's sculpture space, and you can see a gorgeous maple Torres classical he's working on the bench. Vids recorded on iPhone. If youtube embedded doesn't work, I've put links below the pics.




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