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Originally Posted by Mirosh View Post
3. On the AC1R I get a lot of resistance going clockwise. I'm curious what's going on - something bottoming out? The relief is good at a bit under .010 inch.

Thanks, all!
When you’re going clockwise, you’re tightening the road and flattening the neck. It’s a good idea to do the adjustment with the guitar flat on its back and with the neck supported towards the heel. Use your left hand to apply gentle downwards pressure at the nut-end of the neck, whilst holding the butt-end of the guitar down with your right elbow, and turn the adjustment wrench with your right hand. Sounds a complicated manœvre, but it’s surprisingly easy in practice.

By ‘helping’ the neck in the direction that tightening the truss rod is taking it, you will take some of the resistance away that you’re feeling when you turn the wrench.

The usual disclaimers apply......IMHO, YMMV etc.
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