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Default Improved my Sonotone

A lot;

When I got my Road Series, I didn't have an amp and there was so much disdain, not just dislike for the Fishman Sonotone, that I just pulled the whole thing out.

Then I got an Loudbox Mini and put a JJB pickup in the guitar and everything was good. I also had a MartinX with a Sonotone. I had taken the UST out and taped it inside the guitar. I put it in and it was pretty harsh so, rather than mess with the saddle height again, I taped it inside again. I planned to get another JJB

Then someone here posted about adding a generic Aura UST to another pickup. I ordered one from Ebay to try replacing the Sonotone UST. I had nothing to lose, it was coming out anyway.

I slipped the new pickup in place, cut the wires on the Sonotone and soldered the new pickup wires to them and it works like a dream.

I played both guitars today; back to back to back. And to me after about an hour, it sounds a little different but just as good.

Success! I just wanted to try it and it works just fine!
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