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Default iPad Streaming Apps?


You've confirmed my satisfaction with the hardware, and my fears about the software! Thanks again!

The new iPad Pro is a great machine and super fast with A/V tasks compared the the i7 10th gen machine I got for work. My main engineering laptop died as I went into quarantine, so I had to settle for a quick ship unit. The laptop has IrisPlus graphics and they just cannot keep up. I had to drop down to 720p 30fps this weekend on Zoom. A new laptop should be able to stream at 1080p-60fps.

I have another computer on order for work with 8-core i7 and a GTX1650. But, it seems ridiculous to have to use that much power to do some high res streaming with desktop software. It's like swatting flies with a bazooka.

I'll try some different setups with the iPad pro this weekend. I'm hosting a folk club zoom event this weekend. Fingers crossed one of them will work. :-)
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