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Originally Posted by Guitars+gems View Post
Funny you say that. It occurred to me that I may be practicing badly. But I am only going back and forth between the 2 chords, trying to get the fingers to go down in the right place without thought. Sort of like muting the strings at the fretboard while practicing strum patterns, because the idea is to get the right hand to get the pattern into muscle memory first, and then to apply that pattern while changing chords.

I'll take your advice to: when I start playing the whole song again. Thank you.

I think there is validity to your method, at least until it starts to feel somewhat natural for the fingers to take the positions you are forcing them into. In my case I used this method to learn how to shift to a "new to me" version of the D9 chord--first position, 3rd in the bass, which just seemed weird to my hand You can see it here, top row, center.

Moving on to the whole song the only way I have found to impose the discipline needed to actually play slow, slower, slowest until it all sounds good is with a metronome. Otherwise it's "off to the races" as my teacher calls my "style" Using a metronome can feel unnatural and boring, but the benefits are amazing!
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