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Originally Posted by agfsteve View Post
I have that song in the book "The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook", so I'm just curious as to if you're using the chords from there, which are:

Bm: x24432 (regular Bm barre)
Gm6: 3x0330

And they are played over the words "Now today I find, you have changed your mind", with the Bm on the "Now" and the "You", and the Gm6 on the "find" and the "mind", So Bm-2-3-4, Gm6-2-3-4, Bm-2-3-4, Gm6-2-3-4.
Yes, that's the book I'm using and I'm playing x24432 and 3x0330. But I don't understand
Bm-2-3-4, Gm6-2-3-4, Bm-2-3-4, Gm6-2-3-4.
Are you talking about the beats? There are less beats between the 2nd Bm and the 1st Gm6. That's the quick change that messes me up.
Bm over Now today I Gm6 over find Bm over you have changed your Gm6 over mind.
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