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Originally Posted by Guitars+gems View Post
Funny you say that. It occurred to me that I may be practicing badly. But I am only going back and forth between the 2 chords, trying to get the fingers to go down in the right place without thought. Sort of like muting the strings at the fretboard while practicing strum patterns, because the idea is to get the right hand to get the pattern into muscle memory first, and then to apply that pattern while changing chords.

I'll take your advice to: when I start playing the whole song again. Thank you.
IMO, the best way to "get the fingers to go down in the right place without thought" is to practice correctly, slowly, and with concentration. In other words, to get them to go without thought, use lots of thought while practicing the motion, it may sound counter-intuitive, but it isn't if you know how the mind creates habitual pathways.
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