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Default Open chord to barre chord changes

So, I still struggle with barre chords, but I keep trying. Right now I'm playing the Beatles tune, The Night Before. There is a Bm to Gm6 that goes back and forth a couple of times. The change from the Bm to the Gm6 is very natural, but then to go back to the Bm I seem to have to do a lot of finger arranging, which of course ruins the rhythm and the song. Sounds awesome when done correctly!

What I've discovered is that practicing this change repetitively to get the muscle memory is more productive if I don't worry about making the barre sound perfect. It's just the finger motion of the change that I need to get right now and once I have that I'll work on getting it to sound good.

I offer this post in the nature of a PSA in case anyone else is struggling similarly.
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