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I restrung my X10 with D'Addario Chromes. You can see the link below. I do like the string feel. It is so smooth with no noise when I slide up the neck. The sound is much quieter than before though, although that is really not an issue plugged in. I cant make a direct comparison, but theoretically, these strings should send more of a signal to the magnetic pickup.
I know some people complain about carbon guitars being too bright and I do think these strings get rid of that brightness. That said, they can sound muted, although I dont find it over muted. I use a fossilized wood pick that on the original strings was way too metallic sounding, but on these strings they sound great.

I'm not convinced these are the best strings for the X10 yet, but I do like the string feel and taming some of the brightness. Just wish it were a bit louder I suppose.
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