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Originally Posted by Fast Jimmy View Post
Thanks for your response, I'll give it a try. The big problem is: I ain't got rhythm.

OK, I do run into students that have difficulties rhythm wise. Another suggestion.

This will sound strange but it works for some people. Listen to the tune on a portable device/headphones and.... march to it. I am not talking about precision military style marching. Just a gentle walking pace that follows the tempo of the song. By concentrating on getting your body in sync with the music, your brain will start to hardwire the rhythm.
I have had numerous students do this and it really helps. You might be reluctant to try this, feel foolish about trying it, but it does work.

Just so you know... There are many good melody players, of various stripes, that I have played with- guitar players, fiddlers, flute players, etc. Really good technique on their instruments, but many can't keep time.
For some players, rhythm has to be developed. It is not automatic. The good news is that it CAN be developed. A metronome works for some, but not for all. This is why I have come up with other ways.

Good luck.
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