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Originally Posted by Neil K Walk View Post
I hope you replace Mary's cutting boards, Tim!

Seriously, as funny as it may seem making jigs doesn't need to be an expensive affair. I think it was Mary who told us never to throw away our scraps as we might need them some day.

I'm nowhere near being a capable luthier but I was able to make a mold for a rosette mold out of a cutting board I bought at a dollar store because CA glue will not bond with that material - though I still keep the wax paper handy. Don't tell my wife, though. I have designs on using her rolling pin as a jig to make a "Todd style" sound port jig as well. Shhhhhh!!!
Observant eye there Neil. I made this jig out of similar material as a plastic cutting board. The materialís proper name is UHMW plastic and it is indeed impervious to glue adherence.
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