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Originally Posted by j. Kinnaird View Post
Very nicely done Tim. it never occurred to me to use a dremel to cut out the pearl. I've been sawing with jeweler's saw.
Since shell is water resistant and glue is not, its just a matter of placing the shell in a hot water bath for a few minutes and the shell will cleanly release from the glue and substrate.

Originally Posted by Knives&Guitars View Post
This a very important note about the breaking of the five carbon bits. I am so glad you shared this.
Tools, broken bits, broken parts, Upgrading Tools to better performing and more accurate tools, is a huge expense to any custom maker who looks to advance his product in quality and or performance.
These extra expenses occur in so many ways that often go unrealized to the consumer. Let us not forget that experimentation in itself almost always has additional costs. Wood, plastics, glues, epoxies for new forms and jigs adds up pretty quickly.
Then of course, there is always the added extra time factor that it takes to experiment, repair, and refine a particular method. All of which the maker does not get reimbursed for.
In the end, for most custom builders, the all mighty dollar is not the reward. The reward in producing a product that will be appreciated...nay...CHERISHED-by the end user. A product that will hopefully be around and adorned for several centuries to come. Words of praise is the sweetest music any maker can hope to hear.
Amen brother!

Originally Posted by Knives&Guitars View Post
Your husband is one lucky guy to have a woman by his side that truly shares & enjoys the guitar-wood dreams!
And a DOUBLE Amen!

Originally Posted by David Wren View Post
Great points being made Tim and Mary ... "making guitars is not a get-rich-quick scheme" ... truer words were never spoken!
Its been said if a luthier wants to be a millionaire, start out with 2 million.

Many times a luthier would make more money flipping burgers

I have a hunch there may be a consensus among builders that most of us do this for the love of the craft and just being in the audience of our customers making music with a tool that we helped create.
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