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Default Saw Jackson Browne last night

it was 90 degrees at the ampitheatre when Jackson took the stage with his eight piece band. Then he began what was an anthology of his music with an emphasis on his old stuff, all the way back to the beginning. His band was as tight as ever with two of his long time members and each one took several solos at times just to wow us. Jackson played no less than ten guitars through the night including his fav Gibson acoustic and a Martin 000-15 mahogany. His voice was as good as he has ever sounded and his two backup vocalists were dead on with their harmonies. For me the best part was just sitting out there with 5000 other people, mostly over 50 years old, and relive my entire adult life to the music he has woven into it. He covered his old hits including Take it Easy and Red Neck Friend and all the others that are mileposts in my musical career.
He played for a total of 3 hours with a 30 minute break. Just over the top is how I felt during the entire show. He told many short stories of his life and how songs came to be and he sure still knows how to rock a crowd who seemingly loved him and his music like I have.
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