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We have both of them here at the shop...though the back-story on the Tunnel13 is much more interesting. We all know that the T13 work splendidly as a soundboard... but we haven't yet used a T14 on a guitar here at the shop, so we'll have to wait and see if it produces sonically at the level of its better-known brother...though I do agree with you that the potential is there. I'll be interested to see what your assessment is when your done.

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Originally Posted by emmsone View Post
Thanks very much! its actually 'Tunnel 14' Redwood. Tunnel 13 Redwood was available but the historical aspects of Tunnel 13 don't concern me so I went for '14' wood which is pretty similar from what I was told and I just hope it comes out as well as it can as it has bucketloads of tone potential and I don't want to end up with a dud. Luckily I think it's so good, i don't think i can go that far wrong!
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