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Bump from someone who sorely wishes he could find a way to get this guitar into his little mitts ! I keep wracking my brain to no avail. I've been lurking around ever since it came up here, an impossible dream I get to re-visit often, but for how long?

The Cast
Claro kC
2014 Claxton OM, Italian Spruce/Claro Walnut
Aloha Koa
2010 Baranik Retreux Parlor, Carpathian Spruce/Koa
Che Guerilla
2012 Baranik 00m, Carpathian Spruce/Higuerilla
Tuxedo Bolo Blue
2011 Baranik Meridian, Colorado Blue Spruce/Black Cocobolo
Stealth Bomb
2015 Blackbird Rider Steel, 100% carbon fiber
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