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Originally Posted by alohachris View Post
Aloha Kev,

IMO, the Schoeps CMC6 series of SDC's is simply the most accurate, musical, well-made, flexible & pristine SDC's I have ever used or owned.

Off axis - unbeatable. Balance - unmatched. Transparency, Quietness & Clarity - no competition to my ears. Modular design accommodating all kinds of top-rate capsules - the coolest. Such a large & incredible palate for the studio. I used the Schoeps MK 41 hypercardioid capsules often & sometimes the MK2 omni & MK8 ribbon capsules. I love Schoeps world:

Comparing the Peluso P-28 tube SDC to all that Schoeps offers is a little difficult. However, I sold mine off a couple years after my big gear purge 4-1/2 years ago because I just liked them. However, in it's price range, I think the P-28 is fantastic. Accurate, open sounding, a bit colored towards the lower mid-range, but almost imperceptibly so - and SMOOTH. Not edgy at all like a KM-184. The P-28 really can give you a smooth quality, unique recorded sound on many types of guitars.

A usual, I don't have any clips to share online. But I did remember this clip of the P-28 from Soundpure:

IMO, the P-28 has this very round fullness that beefs up an acoustic guitar, especially my small bodied ones & classical, without any wooliness or boominess. It works well placed far away from the guitar, but not as well for close-miking in X-Y. The P-28 might actually help a bright sounding guitar like some of the Taylor designs.

The P-28 might be a great match for your A Designs MP2a preamp, Kev (if you still use it). It loved both the Pacifica & Pendulum MDP-1a preamps I paired it with.

I'd stick with your CMC6 MK4, Kev. But if you want a slightly different, very neat sound, try the P-28, unusual in that it is a tube SDC. What's not to like? At least audition one. I liked it better than its price point SDC peers: Neumann KM184, AKG 480, Beyerdynamic 930 & Gefell 300 among others.

A strange analogy might be that the Peluso P-28 has a similar, unique effect on the lower mid-range frequencies as the Microtech-Gefell M295 has on trebles & upper mid's.

Eh, How are those Amphion monitors working for ya?

All the Best, Kev!


PS: One last point: Peluso makes some great sounding mic's. But they haven't always been the most durable (can't drop them once) or "low self-noise" - Remember how "self-noisy" the CEMC6 specs were? -alohachris-
Hey thanks for the in depth comparison I have only ever had two different SDC's one was a mic I used live which was Shure KSM 109 and then I also have one Schoeps CM6MK4 and will probably just get another .

The Amphions are outstanding and will be the monitors I keep for certain.
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