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FWIW I started my home recording studio with an SM57, SM58 and an Apogee Duet. I upgraded in steps. I won't bore you with a list of my equipment but I will say that I learned a lot in the process.

At this point in time a Blackspade tube mic, a pair of Microtech Geffel UM70 mics, and a pair of AEA N22 mics are my favorites. I recently borrowed a brand new U87 from my lady friend. It's a good mic and it's well made. When we compared it to my Blackspade UM17R (Hardy M1 Preamp and Beyer headphones) we both preferred the Blackspade on her soprano and on my baritone.

Microtech Geffel microphones are the other Neumann microphones. They are worth considering too. If you research the history of Neumann microphones you'll learn how the two Neumann factories were separated during the cold war and became different companies. Neumann is now owned and operated by Sennheiser which is a big umbrella corporation. MG mics are still made by craftsmen who come from families that have worked at the Geffel factory for three generations.
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