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Originally Posted by anton View Post
Good thread. I have gone through a handful of mics, mostly staying under the $1K mark. In hindsight I probably should have bought once and just got what i wanted, rather than making little incremental jumps upward. I currently have a pair of Miktek C5's that I think sound pretty good, though part of me thinks their self noise is a bit high.

I lean towards the philosophy of buying the best you can afford, so if something like a Neumann is not a stretch you might as well give it a try. At least you will know the mic is not the weak link in your chain. I borrowed a pair of KM 184's and Gefell M300's a few years ago and thought they both sounded great.
That clip sounded very nice to me.

I'm of the same philosophy. As I've told more people than I can count, I've never once in my life regretted buying quality, but there have been many times I've cheaped out only to buy quality later. More often than not, cheaping out has cost me more money than had I bought quality the first time.

A lot of people have asked me advice on buying a guitar over the years. I tell them the same thing. You can find something decent to learn on for $200 but, if you can afford it, buy an instrument that will inspire you to play more.

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