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Originally Posted by jim1960 View Post
Thanks. I had thought about those at one point but I'm going to be patient on the ribbons until I have a bigger room. That should happen within two years. For now, I have a Gefell M295 pair that were also designed to work well up close.

My house right now is tiny ...less than 1000 sq ft. But my location makes it worth enough that I'll be able to sell it and buy something 3x the size. Right now, Asheville NC is on the top of my list, but I'm looking at other options too. The Chesapeake area looks very nice as well. Asheville ticks off more boxes though. I have a little time to figure it out ...time enough to shop for houses and ribbon mics.
Heading to Asheville for a visit next week. In that case, I can also recommend the Royer SF24. I've kind of gone crazy with ribbon mics over the years, still more to try tho :-)
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