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Default SC Strings on CF

I know there have been a bunch of posts on strings for CF but wanted to chime in on my experience this past week. I have been trying different string sets on my APLE Rainsong for the past few months looking for a more mellow, warm sound, more like my wood guitars. On my SC OOO and OO I have been using the SC low tension for a long time. They are wonderful imo. On my CF been using Martin Retro which I felt were pretty good for this guitar.
Yesreday I decided it was time to change and decided since I have many sets to give a set of the Santa Cruz low tensions a go. I must say these are hands down the best I have ever had on this guitar! Doesn't sound like the same instrument, A dramatic change for the better!
The sustain has always been good but now it's great and on the higher notes the sometimes harsh tones I would get are now smooth, for lack of a better wording. I am not great at visual description but these strings are just stellar on my CF. Wish I had tried them sooner...
Might give them a go guys my scale is 24.9 so don't know if the shorter scale lengths will act the same but should I would think. Jerry
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