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Default Two new Klein harp guitars

Steve Klein presented not one but two new harp guitars at the NAMM show this year.

One is an acoustic harp guitar with 6 guitar strings and 6 subs. Steve is making the necks (with a new headstock design and new tuners I really like), the bodies are made by Jim Worland and Scott Holloway at the Dyer shop in Pasadena, and Steve Kauffman is making the bridges up in Oregon. These harp guitars are unmistakably Klein yet priced within reach of a lot of players (I've heard under $4K, but it's to be confirmed). Gregg Miner has a good writeup here: and here:

Photo: (new harp guitar on the right, Steve holding it)

I don't know if there will be different wood options, but the model Steve is holding is Sitka spruce over mahogany, with a Port Orford cedar neck, and Guatemalan rosewood bridge and fretboard (I think--I'll have to double check).

The other is an electric harp guitar, with 6 + 6 strings as well. The body is the well-known ergonomic electric Klein body shape, and the harp "neck" is made of three carbon fiber tubes. The guitar part has two pickups and the harp has its own separate pickup.

The guitars are going into production pretty soon--I've seen several bodies and necks already built--so keep an eye out for availability and pricing. Not sure where they will be available, but I'll try to update this thread when I find out more if there's interest.
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