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Here's Richard Hoover's reply:

The Tree was first cut mid last century. It is of unparalleled beauty and singularity as Mahogany goes.
We had the chance to buy at $10 per board foot when it first hit the U.S. in the very early '80's.
I watched it go to $40 then $90 before we gave in and bought it. It has grown legendary through its
documentation of use in some of the finest woodwork in the world. The original stuff has changed hands
*multiple times, further adding to its current value and desirability. Its not without its pretenders so
if one was to consider it; a chain of custody or documentation that it was purchased from the original
importers is wise. I have seen the price for a guitar set go from $50 to $450 to $2,000 in its first 20 years
of availability, to its market price today of between $4,500 and $6,000.
Yes we have it and it is the best to be found. An SCGC made from it is accompanied by a copy of the
Fine woodworking Magazine that introduced it with a letter from the original owner verifying the woods
authenticity. We don't promote it because it is very tricky to work and our cost to acquire and process
it makes for a slim return on investment.
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