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Originally Posted by Mark Hatcher View Post
Right now I have three guitars in process. I happen to have two BRW Josie small jumbo orders I'm working on. One will have the whole abalone treatment and has some great spider webbed grain. The other will be an all wood guitar. It has a nice quarter sawn BRW set with lots of red that I'm trying to capitalize on in the design. I'll start with some pictures of that:

We're going with Bloodwood for the binding and other accents. Bloodwood is very red and tends to stay red more than any other wood:

This guitar is getting a very nice Adirondack top:

This guitar will be a short scale 24.75"
14 frets to the body
Full body small jumbo size 16" lower bout
Back to the first guitar:
I wanted to try something different with the back graft and since I think the best color to go with red is black (imo) I thought I'd go with a Gabon Black Ebony graft, and really bring it up to a high polish. I did my "H" logo in Bloodwood to keep the red theme going:

Thanks for viewing!
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