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A solid wood Cordoba will cost you between around $1000 and $2000 depending on whether it is made in Spain. At $1000 they're alright but these guitars are made in China and possess polyester finishes and the quality control is not top notch as you might find with a Taylor. Taylors guitars, whether classical or acoustic IMO are pricey for what you get, particularly the higher end models. They are well made, and are ideal for performing amplified, but maybe not so much acoustically.
What we know...Taylor guitars are not supposed to sound like traditional steel string guitars nor are they supposed to sound like classical guitars.
Why? It's not because they don't want to but it's because they can not produce the tonal qualities of either traditional steel string guitars or classical guitars. Why? because of the way they are constructed (bolt-on necks, plastic finishes, 3 piece necks, screwed on fret board, etc). Makes for easy manufacturing and precise consistent guitars that as a result lack tone acoustically. I will say that they are fantastic performance guitars when plugged in. Sort of the same thing with Martin's new line of G series guitars that really mirror the Taylor lineup. The G series are constructed with built-in electronics, and with bolt-on (m & T) neck joints and other lessor manufacturing processes that result in a lessor sounding acoustic guitar...and does not compete acoustically with Martin's traditional series. For what it's worth...that's my take.
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