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Saying something is "overpriced" doesn't really make any sense. What you are really saying is that the Taylor nylons aren't worth the money TO YOU. Clearly they aren't "overpriced" to people willing to buy them.

Plus I think it's been stated over and over again that the Taylor nylon guitars are not trying to be classical guitars. Why do people keep criticizing them for not being something they are not trying to be?

The workmanship, build quality, fit and finish of my 514ce-n is wonderful! As is the playability and the customer service. Those are some of the things you get when you buy a high quality, well made instrument. If you are into those things, they are not over priced at all. IMO you get what you pay for. (It helps that my 514ce-n is perfectly suited to my playing style and I happen to love the way it sounds.)

I finally had a chance to play a couple of Cordobas and while you might get a OK guitar for a good price, they both had some flaws in build quality, fit, finish, etc. The tuners felt cheap, the battery door on one rattled, the string balance on the one I plugged in was terrible, etc.

And while a Cordoba vs. Taylor battle doesn't make any sense the point is that I could say that both the Cordobas I played were "overpriced" because FOR ME, the value of the guitars didn't match the dollar amounts I'd have to pay to take them home. That doesn't mean someone else wouldn't feel differently.

It simply depends on what you value, what you are willing to pay and what gets the job done. I'm just not sure it's fair to say that all Taylor nylons are "overpriced" because you bought a couple of expensive crossovers and expected them to be classical guitars. Would that be like saying a Porsche is overpriced because it's terrible for hauling plywood?


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