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Originally Posted by kazzelectro View Post
I am sorry but...if it doesn't sound like a classical, and it has low volume, and folks try to find strings to make them sound better...isn't there something wrong with these guitar? Everytime I have the opportunity to pick one up I put it right back down because it has the above characteristics which Taylor defends by saying..well it's not really a classical guitar. The only time they can sound good is plugged in (any guitar can sound good plugged in because of the effects).
Kazzo.... Help me understand your statement that "any guitar can sound good plugged in because of the effects". Do you really believe that?

Again.. my 714 Nylon is my go-to guitar for my wine-bar gig where I'm playing in a big, boomy room in front of 150 loud patrons. Whether it's the guitar or the on-board electronics, it's definitely doing its job. But yes, in my house, unplugged, there are other guitars I'd pick up.

So the question is, as it always should be.....What is your goal (musically) and which guitar best meets that goal?
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