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What's your studio/recording space like?
A studio (apartment), so no fancy treatment or anything.

What are your goals for recording your acoustic music?
Keeping track of my progress, writing and recording originals

What kind of music do you like to play/record?
Acoustic singer/songwriter stuff. Keeping it mostly vocals / guitar. I experimented with adding a cajon and some other shakers for percussion, but I'm starting to think that I'd rather just get better at guitar than trying to spread myself thin trying to fake being a drummer.

Is your studio space treated? How?
It's not the limiting factor for me

What's in your mic locker?
CAD GXL 3000 (on sale at Musicians Friend) which I used for almost everything, SM57, which I don't really use anymore.

Computer-based or standalone recorder?
Tascam DP008 for doing the actual recording, Garageband and a 2007 Macbook for editing

Recorder? DAW? Interface? Preamp? FX? Plug-in's? Ext. HD's for storage? Monitors? Headphones? Power amp? Controller/mixer or completely ITB? Cables? Mic stands? etc.
Yamaha HS50 monitors, a Toneport UX2 to drive them (which I used before I got a Tascam DP008). Standard cables, $20 over-the-ear Sony headphones for multitracking.

Favorite mic pattern/placement for recording acoustic guitar?
I usually just put the large diaphragm condensor somewhere near the 12th fret - or I just record the guitar direct if I'm feeling particularly lazy (and I can't remember how to play the song without singing the vocals)

New gear you have your eye on?
Recording wise, I wish I had the Zoom 8-track recorder instead of the Tascam because transferring finished files is a pain. But I'll probably just stick with the Tascam for now.

How has home recording evolved for you?
The Tascam has been a big step up in productivity for me. I have it always plugged in and ready to go instead of having to plug cables / microphones into my Toneport + Macbook (which for room layout reasons is inconvenient). My Macbook is now slow enough that I can't record without the fan kicking in. I can't surf the web on the Tascam, so I can focus much more easily while using it. I also find the lack of options on the Tascam better for focusing and laying down tracks.

I tried recording on an Ipad for a while, but I like the fact I can punch in easily (and cheaply) with the Tascam's footswitch. Harder to do on a stock ipad without any of the fancy interfaces.

Some samples can be found at (both covers and originals)

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