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oh Chris has a nice set up. But I agree, hey Chris how about some photos ?

So here is where I am now after moving from Wyoming to Colorado a year and 1/2 ago.
I ,as they the said on the the TV show "The Jeffersons" was "Moving on up" went from a basement to the attic.

When we bought the place

Now shows the desk with KRK V8 monitors behind, the Mac 27" Cinema display. The Mac Pro under the left side desk and the front end rack under the right. And the Edirol midi controller keyboard left. You can't tell very well from the pic but there is about 9 feet from the monitors to the back wall

The desk with the Bricasti M7 2 channel reverb in the right desk slot

The Rack with An A Designs MP2A 2 channel tube pre and Avid OMNI interface w/ Pro Tools HD Native, and a Monster power conditioner. Also shows ( behind rack right side ) the Sound Anchor speaker stands for the monitors

P.S. Mics are a Brauner Phantom V, LDC for vocals and guitar and a Schoeps CMC6 w/ M4 capsule, SDC for guitar.
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