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Originally Posted by alohachris View Post
Aloha Friends,

Just for fun, what recording signal chains are you currently playing through at home?

What's your studio/recording space like?

What are your goals for recording your acoustic music?

What kind of music do you like to play/record?

Is your studio space treated? How?

What's in your mic locker?

Computer-based or standalone recorder?

Recorder? DAW? Interface? Preamp? FX? Plug-in's? Ext. HD's for storage? Monitors? Headphones? Power amp? Controller/mixer or completely ITB? Cables? Mic stands? etc. Whatever you use.

Favorite mic pattern/placement for recording acoustic guitar?

New gear you have your eye on?

How has home recording evolved for you?

Let it all hang out, gentleman! I'm just curious, that's all.

Mahalo a nui!

What's yours?
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