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Great thread alohachris!

After a ton of question asking and re-budgeting this is what I currently use:

Rode NT1-A
Samson C01
Shure PG81
Shure PG58
Shure SM58
AKG D 8000M
Audix OM-5

Mic Preamp:
Focusrite Voicebox (Class A)

DOD SR231Q (31 band)

Signal Processing:
BBE 428i
Behringer DSP1100P (used as digital 31 band EQ)

Reaper w/ Audacity

(1) AKG K 240 studio
(1) Sennheiser HD201
(2) AKG K 44
Beyerdynamic DT252 (wishlist)
Beyerdynamic DT 990 Pro (wishlist)


Behringer Xenyx X2442USB

Digital Recorder:
Fostex MR-8mkII

CRATE FlexWave 15R

Line Effects:
Digitech RP90
DI Box

Taylor: 410ce-SL (Spruce/Koa)
Dean: EAB (Bass / Spruce/Mahogany)
Epiphone: AJ35S (Dreadnought / Spruce/Mahogany)
Takamine: EG523EC (Jumbo / Maple)
Cedar Creek: Mountain Dulcimer
Ibanez: M510-DVS Mandolin

Spectrum Strat Replica
Ibanez RG2EX2

Casio LX220

Percussion Plus 2 1/2 octave Bell Kit (F to C)
Macho / Hembra Bongos
Foot Tambourine
Piccolo Cabasa
Mouth Harp

Favorite recording techniques on acoustic guitar I place the PG81 and SM58 on a bar at 90deg approx 8" - 12" away from the guitar. The PG81 I have aimed at just below the 12th fret and the 58 at the neck. Occasionally I will also add an additional track with a 58 placed behind the body of the guitar to help capture bass.

I have recently started recording an 8 course Lute and I use the C01 approx 12" above and 3' away with the PG81 about 8" away aimed where the neck meets the body.
For Vocals I use the C01 into the Focusrite into the X2442. I use an insert to route the signal to the DOD for additional control.
Everything is routed out of the X2442 via subs to the Fostex recorder and then mixed in Reaper.

2007 Taylor 410ce-SL (Spruce/Koa)
1998 Epiphone AJ35S-NA (Spruce/Mahogany)
2005 Takamine EG523SC (Lam. Maple b/s)
2007 Ibanez RG2EX2
2002 Cedar Creek Mountain Dulcimer
2011 Dean EAB Acc./Elec. Bass (Spruce/Mahogany)

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