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Great idea for a thread. Here is what I have at the moment, and I'll try and post some pics soon. Hopefully we will be moving soon and I will have my own dedicated music room..

What's your studio/recording space like?
Small extra room that is also my wifes home office. So I can't really leave my mics sitting out for long periods of time.

What are your goals for recording your acoustic music?
Be able to have a final product that is good enough to sell at gigs. I would like to be able to do basic tracking and editing at home, then have someone else mix and master.

What kind of music do you like to play/record?
Largely solo guitar, but also doing some ensemble stuff. Mostly acoustic instruments like guitar, flute, banjo, bouzouki, mandolin. Though I did just get a Telecaster

Is your studio space treated? How?
Three of the corners are partly treated with acoustic foam. I need to do more. Plan to build some of Fran's broadband absorbers once we move.

What's in your mic locker?
Two ADK A6's.
Two Line Audio CM3's I will probably sell.
Just bid on a pair of Beyerdynamic MC930's for $610, we'll see if i end up getting those.

Computer-based or standalone recorder?
Computer based, iMac and Logic Pro 9. Presonus Firestudio Mobile. KRK RP5 monitors. AKG K240 headphones

Favorite mic pattern/placement for recording acoustic guitar?
Spaced pair seems the most consistent for me at the moment.

New gear you have your eye on?
Room treatment, and always more mics of course...

How has home recording evolved for you?
From experimenting more the past few months I have realized that acoustics, room, and outside noise matter so much. I have more or less given up on getting better results in our current house due to living on a busy street/bus line.
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