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Default Post your recording acoustic setup

I use the following equipment:
1) Zoom H4N
2) Samson C02 mics (x2)
3) Two boom mic stands
4) Martin D28 (generally rhythm), Blueridge BR140a (generally lead acoustic), Johnson Las Vegas (archtop, electric rhythm and lead), Roland Microcube amp, Deering Goodtime 2 banjo, gretsch mandolin

I have the Zoom set up with the two Samson mics as lines 1 and 2. I use the two of them on the same mic stand with x setup (facing in). I use these to record the guitar parts. I use the built in mics for recording vocals. I always record each part separately and mix in Reaper.

I record on the stereo setting with the two mics and also for the voice recording.

When recording electric guitar I play through the amp and record using the Samson mics.

My setup is very basic but works well enough. It is also easily moved from room to room. I usually record in a room in my house that is generally acoustically neutral. But I also have a room with some echo that I use for vocals.


In my abode, there are lots of guitars, lots of banjos and mandolins too. There's even a bass guitar and dulcimer sitting there, so I can make music for you!
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