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Tascam 2488 Neo

M-Audio DMP3
Presonus Eurkea

Recording Mics:

Traps - GIK Acoustics:
1 6"x2'x4'
4 4"x2'x4'
6 2'x2'x4' (I keep a few of these unmounted for ad-hoc isolation.... works well)

KRK Rokit 5"
AKG K240 (Original phones)

Signal Processing:
Drawmer DL241 (Use it mainly for bass... sometime Vox and guitar)
Roland Dep-5 (reverb for drums mostly)
A few other things, but nothing that gets used much.

I usually record using a space pair configuration.... One near the 12th fret and one somewhere between the bridge and end pin. Sometimes I'll do an XY with the SDCs. Have thought about getting another AT4021 for XY configuration, but I doubt out hear much of a difference.

Best money I spent (bang for my buck):
GIK Traps
DMP-3 Pre-amp
Alvarez DY61, MC90C
Cordoba GK Studio Negra
Crafter TRV23EQ/N
Huss and Dalton 00-SP, DS Crossroads
Taylor Baritone 8, 314ce, 356e
Timberline T60HGc
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