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[QUOTE=Ty Ford;5443963]

Yes "pot calling the kettle black" perhaps try a look in the mirror


If you don't have a foundation in physics or electronics, your discussion points are limited. You're at the mercy of the marketers.
Wrong. limited foundation in physics or electronics does not equal gullible . Not to mention a full background in physics or electronics is not a required qualification to participate in this forum, this is AGF not a science forum. And flippant condescending comments do not actually contribute anything useful
Modelers will make things sound different, but you can't beat the laws of physics or electronics.[/I]
A vague statement as to actual direct relevance or application to the OP, got anything a bit more direct and detailed = like actually useful in context.

>>>>Dismissive? Mic modelers have been around a long time.
have they, compared to what ? Depends on perspective ... Digital audio has not been around all that long

I called you on punching up your copy for effect. "New Frontier?", Yeah, I'll dismiss that.
OK you don't like my title, no problem. It's just a title, if It bothers you so, feel free suggest one more to your liking

I noticed you have not answered any of the questions I asked.
I'm not sure a Tit for Tat Gear Slutz - esque posting style (on both are parts) is adding to this thread
You wanna try starting over, and see where that leads or just continue slinging arrows ?
" Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding." Albert Einstein
Enjoy the Journey.... Kev...

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